Your Superpower Unleashed
Hey love! I know what it's like.
You are awesome at getting things done for other people. You know how to crush what others need.

But when it comes to following your secret dream, the Big One you hide deep inside, don’t even admit it, let alone take a step in that direction.

Perhaps you secretly want to start a food blog and publish your own cookbook.

Perhaps you dream of starting your own nonprofit devoted to healing trauma through yoga.

Perhaps you have a memoir hidden away in your heart.

This dream makes no logical sense. But it nags you, and leaves you with an unsettled feeling in your chest.

It’s the one you wake up thinking about, the one that is waiting for you to get off the starting blocks.

Until you take action, that’s where it will stay. A far-off dream. A perhaps. A not right now.

This is a four-week experience designed to get you back in touch with who you really are, what you want, and master how to move the needle on your dream.
This isn’t solely about setting goals and getting them done; this is deep work to guide you on how to connect with yourself, get honest about your dreams, and get the life you want right now.

We do daily work, with vision and other practices, to tap back into your intuition so you can get the clarity you crave. So you can know what you want and get it. 
Intuition: Your Superpower Unleashed is where you get honest, and you go for it...
It’s For You If You Want:
A clear, actionable set of steps to understand how your intuition is the tool to bring your secret dreams into reality.

To know how to trust to your gut, and how to ignore naysayers. (Yup, that includes your partner, your boss, and strangers on the internet.)
To finally DO something about that dream.
To have a STRONG relationship with yourself, where you implicitly trust yourself and know how to get back on track if you get waylaid by fear.
This 4-week program was designed to allow you to dream bigger than ever before, to know what you have, and to take it to the next level.

Through deep, inner work, Intuition: Your Superpower Unleashed is here to show you that YOU can change your life.

I’m here to show you that you already have the answers, how to access them, and how to put them into play.
How do I know this work works?

I was you.

I used to live according to what I thought I was supposed to do. I was supposed to use my literature degree, so I became a journalist. I was supposed to climb the ladder of journalism, so I dutifully moved around the country, living in small cities no one had heard of, working my way up based on rules made up by somebody else.

After years of talking to people about their trauma, politics, and death, I realized the truth – I got into journalism to serve the public, yet it wasn’t serving me. I recreated myself and my career several times over, first as a yoga teacher, next as an author and again as an entrepreneur.

Energy work and personal development taught me to trust my gut, pay attention to the call put out in front of me and to follow it, even when it feels terrifying. It feels terrifying every single time.

I’ve seen the results. It’s how I got three book deals. It’s how I launched my own business. I now set goals that send me flying out of bed in the morning. 
One more thing...
I didn't do it by myself. No way. I needed help.  
STOP trying to do it on your own. 
Support made all the difference for me. You need guidance and accountability to get there faster and easier. And because sometimes, change shows itself before you’re ready. You want tools not just to create your own change, but to navigate any kind that shows up at your front door.
Which is exactly why I created...
Intuition: Your Superpower Unleashed
The Next Live Course Starts April 28
Inside, you get the following modules:
  • ​Your Intuition
  • Clearing Blocks
  • Boundaries
  • Clarity
Value: $2,999
You also get:
Four live group calls — $4,000
Value: $6,999
Plus more than $3,000 in bonuses
  • ​Pre-recorded master classes - $599
  • ​​Membership community - $599
  • ​How to Use Essential Oils for Mindset - $229
  • ​Mastering Morning Routine Yoga Flows - $199
  • ​Get Motivated and Get Moving - $299
  • ​Get Time Back - $99
  • ​Mastering Meditation - $299
  • ​Morning Mindset Checklist - $99
Total Value: $9,421
Your Investment Today: $599
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Classes on Tuesdays starting April 28
4 p.m. PST
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2 installments of
How It Works
In addition to weekly group sessions, you receive tasks to keep you on track.
Module 1 
Your Intuition - Discover the difference between knowing your right answer/truth and your fear so you can stick to what your intuition says. Create a daily practice of how to use intuition to guide your day vs unconscious choices that leave you with endless to-do lists and everyone else’s demands. Have a radical shift in the amount of time you have every day.

Module 2 
Clearing Blocks - End the what-ifs of the past so you can have a fresh perspective on where you are headed in your life. Stop taking steps backward into old patterns of choosing a job because it pays well instead of starting a business based a side passion project.
Module 3 
Boundaries - Create clear boundaries so you have time to take care of yourself and feel free of pressure to do what other people expect, even your boss. Learn the Boundary Shield protocol to keep people at the right distance for you.
Module 4
Clarity - Stop second-guessing yourself if you made the right choice and step into the power of your own decision-making. Learn to make intentional choices based on your body and somatic clues so it is easy to jump when the steps to achieve your Secret Dream show up. Stand in newfound confidence and trust to make a big leap forward and intentionally live the life of your dreams.  
About Nicole
Nicole is a former reporter and yoga teacher, who has taught at the White House, turned author and coach. After years of stress and lack of fulfillment, she left her prestigious career to find herself and what would make her happy.

The journey took her to coaching, energy healing — and profound joy. She now spends her days helping people find what lights them up.
Her specialty is guiding you to trust yourself, so you can be honest about what you want and actually do something about it.

You have an idea, you trust yourself, you go for it.
If you’re wondering if there is more out there for you, the answer is a resounding yes.

She created Intuition: Your Superpower Unleashed to help you see what is possible when you choose to go for it. Bonus: You don’t have to do it alone.
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Intuition: Your Superpower Unleashed
One Payment of
2 installments of
I’ve been setting goals at work for years, but never brought them into my personal life until I met Nicole. I learned that setting goals can be enlightening, empowering, and fun! 
I’m already seeing success in achieving my goals! From finding a job with the flexibility to incorporate teaching yoga to following through on my commitment to honest, open communication in my interpersonal relationships. It feels amazing. Thanks to Nicole, I have a roadmap to continue moving toward the life I ultimately want to live.

Jessalyn Pinneo
In 2018, my two priorities I set a for myself (under Nicole) were to have a full time job with benefits by June and that I would have an incredible wedding that my husband and I wanted. I went full time with benefits on July 30, 2018 and our wedding on September 16, was perfect. Neither of these things happened because I wanted them to or because I wished for them. They happened because I got super clear on what I wanted.  The process that Nicole guides you through in her course is one that is grounded in some major reality. For a Type A planner like myself, it's taught me so much about trusting the process, the importance of setting boundaries, and that if you aren't listening to yourself, you will never be able to get out of your own way.   

Norah Davis
"Nicole is a powerful teacher and a fierce leader. She has an extraordinary way of making the hard work laughter-filled and fun. She empowers me to dream big — to see my gifts, acknowledge my fears, know my goals and to never settle for anything less than the best version of myself.”

Kara Mortellite
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