Morning Routine Challenge
Build Morning Habits that LAST
so you WAKE UP with energy and excitement EVERY morning!

  A free 5-day challenge for career women of color to
- Design a life you LOVE
- Step into your POWER
- SECURE the sense of WORTHINESS
you crave

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If you are ready to HOP out of bed with energy and clarity, this challenge is for you...
In 5 days, you'll discover...
The EXACT Thing to STOP doing so you can CLAIM your worth every day
How to design a transformational morning routine that takes 10 minutes or less (so you don't feel overwhelmed by one more thing)
A 1-STEP system to release your harsh inner critic so you can know WHICH voice to trust
Why a rock-solid morning routine will SKYROCKET your productivity (so you can have more time for your priorities)
How to release feeling guilty about time for you (learn to set clear boundaries so you can feel joyful and fulfilled every day)

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How it works:
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- Fill out the workbook
- Experience mornings filled with joy and clarity!
About Nicole...
Nicole Tsong is the bestselling author of 24 Ways to Move More, and is the former Fit for Life columnist for The Seattle Times.

As America's Work/Life Balance Coach, she helps career women to know they know why they are here and can start their next chapter with bravery.

She is an award-winning journalist and for 3 years, taught yoga at the White House Easter Egg Roll during the Obama administration.
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