5 Daily Practices to Commit to YOU!
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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the
I spent YEARS thinking that I had to write everything on my list. If not, I was sure I would forget all the minutiae that any super-powered, high-achieving woman is juggling and get overwhelmed by the list. You are trying to manage pressure from a giant work project while  attempting to get a healthy, nutritious dinner on the table. Your kids need to pick them up at two different places, your boss needs something from you right now, and traffic might make you lose your mind.  

Don't even mention squeezing in a yoga class. 
Are you tired of being ruled by everyone else's needs?
About Nicole...
Nicole is a former reporter, and yoga teacher who has taught at the White House, turned author and coach. After years of depression and lack of fulfillment, she left her prestigious career to find herself and what would make her happy.

The journey took her to coaching, energy healing — and profound joy. She now spends her days helping people find what lights them up.
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