3 Simple Steps to Finally
Discover Your Purpose
(and never get derailed again)

for high-achieving women,
especially BIPOC,
ready to discover their CALLING
Tuesday, April 27th
11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST
My Number 1 Way to Give Up Perfectionism
My TOP Method to Clear Past Failures Stopping You From Moving Forward
The MAIN Way to Set Clear Boundaries (Without Pissing People Off)

What Others Say

I feel more empowered going into my 35th year than I ever thought I would feel — and I have Nicole to thank for that.

I continue to work with Nicole for the additional accountability and focus around the things which matter most — health, relationships and a strong sense of self.

- Ashley Eberenz

I noticed an immediate shift in how I saw myself in the world and that I do in fact have a purpose here and now.

After our first meeting I felt ENERGIZED, supported, and uplifted all while being pushed to become my FULLEST SELF.

- Holly Jones

This woman is MAGIC!

In one hour, she can take me from my most anxious and self-critical to calm, grounded, and full of self-love.

I have moved from hating my job, my body, and many things about myself, to finally figuring out what my PURPOSE is.

- Kaila Turley

I’m Nicole Tsong, and I didn’t know tuning into myself would show me a new future

Meet Nicole
Nicole Tsong is a work/life balance and energy coach for high-achieving women, especially BIPOC, who are ready:

-    To feel connected to their body and self again
-    To know their calling and follow it every day
-    Create true work/life balance
-    Know why they are here and to stop living life according to other people’s rules

Nicole lives in Seattle and is the best-selling author of 24 Ways to Move More. She is honored to serve women ready to own their voice and share it with the world to help create a just, equitable and abundant world.

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