Design Your Purpose Plan
An assessment to generate
a roadmap
for your next steps.
Stop questioning WHY you're here
START tuning in
KNOW your next steps

Clients who have used my Clear Calling Method have gone on to:
- Land dream jobs they didn't know existed
- Start thriving businesses
- Maintain their self-care during maternity leave with a baby AND a toddler
- Move cities, mid-pandemic

This is for you IF:

  • You’re a high-achiever who has mastered KNOWING why you’re here and what your purpose is on this planet.
  • You are excited to make a BIGGER impact in the world and to see your VISION come to life.
  • ​ You’re clear you are ready to go to the next level in growing a business, deepening your leadership at work, and STEPPING up on a stage.
  • ​You get the TINGLES taking on the work of personal development and growth.
  • You know that all of these things will happen FASTER with the support of a community of like-minded women.

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You're OK with your life as it is and aren't interested in making a change.
  • You're not at a point where you are ready to invest in GROWTH or tackle the steps needed to make a shift.
  • ​You have a HARD time seeing the positive in most situations.
  • ​You struggle with making decisions, and even after getting help, you're still stuck where you are and have been for a long time. Because of this, you avoid taking action.

Apply for a Design Your Purpose Plan

Create a roadmap to balance, energy, and purpose every day.

With Nicole’s guidance and energy, I was able to set goals, talk about my experience and release things from my past which were holding me back from my future.

The ENERGY I felt gave me the power to push forward, ask for a NEW JOB, and FIND LOVE for the first time in years!
Ashley Eberenz
Sara Kelly

I wanted to see what was next for me, beyond being a mother and wife, to really follow my heart and discover what I wanted for my life.

I had the IDEA to make face masks. 1,000 masks later, I have an active Etsy store, have reconnected with several friends, and have seen the GRATITUDE in the eyes of people who have come to pick up masks from my porch.

It’s given me a sense of PURPOSE and a chance to HELP others.

I now have the CONFIDENCE to act quickly on intuition.


I wanted to change  the connections with my family, to take them to a deeper level.

I never gave thought to some of the ways I was holding myself back from a more fully engaged life. 

In my time with Nicole, I've gained tools that allow me to suspend judgement and listen more; conversations flow easier.

I let myself be more PRESENT, rather than feel that I'm not important or not loved.

It has allowed me to be more LOVING to family and the calls and messages from them have increased and are so welcome.

Trusting Nicole was a no brainer! Her ability to really SEE and HEAR to uncover the issues and solve them has been a real gift.

Debbie Lennon

About Me
Nicole Tsong is a work/life balance and energy coach for high-achieving women, especially BIPOC, who are ready:

-    To feel connected to their body and self again
-    To know their calling and follow it every day
-    Create true work/life balance
-    Know why they are here and to stop living life according to other people’s rules

Nicole lives in Seattle and is the best-selling author of 24 Ways to Move More. She is honored to serve women ready to own their voice and share it with the world to help create a just, equitable and abundant world.
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