Stop Questioning Yourself, Tune In to Your Intuition
and Start Your Next Chapter with Bravery

Hello, love. You're a smart, ambitious, high-achieving  woman of color. Time for real talk.
Is there something you're meant to do in the world, a BIG mission or impact you know is yours to move forward, but you haven’t put your finger on it yet?

Are you tired of feeling like everyone else around you is pursuing their dreams except for you? (And you are DONE with hearing them celebrate their success?)

When it comes to digging in, and actually figuring out what that calling is, you haven't even gotten to the starting line.

Does this sound familiar?
Maybe you cook elaborate meals every weekend, have written fabulous recipes, and taken gorgeous photos for a cooking blog, but you still haven’t hit publish.

Maybe you want to start your own nonprofit that employs and takes care of underserved communities, but you keep working for nonprofits that aren’t hitting the mark.

Maybe you have several chapters of a sizzling, page-turning novel on your computer, but you haven't told a single soul you dream of being a best-selling author.

Perhaps you feel so close to what you really want to do, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly it is. And at the end of the day:

-    You’re exhausted from working all day, and have no idea where all the hours went.
-    You are constantly doing what everyone else wants, and feel resentful about it.
-    You don’t know how to prioritize your needs. (Can I PLEASE get some peace and quiet?)

And yet, a small, intuitive part of you — a restless feeling in your belly — KNOWS it’s time to go deeper with what you want and need.

You know you are meant TO DO MORE in this life.

Besides, my dear, beautiful, already-completely whole human...


  • Time to give yourself permission to VALUE your dreams.
  • ​Time to KNOW your purpose
  • ​Time to ALLOW, deep in  your bones and out in the real world, your dream to COME TRUE.
is for you
If You Want:
To finally DO something about that dream
To know how to trust your gut, and how to ignore naysayers. (Yup, that includes your partner, your mom, and the internet.)
A dynamite vision and set of precise goals that keep you on track every day. 
A clear, actionable set of steps to bring your vision and secret dreams into reality.
How do I know this work works?

I was you.

I used to live according to what I thought I was supposed to do. I was supposed to use my literature degree, so I became a journalist. I was supposed to climb the journalism ladder, so I dutifully moved around the country, living in small cities no one had heard of, working my way up based on other people's rules.

After years of talking to people about their trauma, politics, and death, I realized the truth – I got into journalism to serve the public, yet it wasn’t serving me. I recreated myself and my career several times over, first as a yoga teacher, next as an author and again as an entrepreneur.

Energy work and personal development taught me to trust my intuition, pay attention to the clear calling in front of me and to follow it, even when it's terrifying.

It feels terrifying every single time.

And I’ve seen the results. It’s how I got 3 book deals. It’s how I launched my own business. I now set goals that send me flying out of bed in the morning. 

This 12-week program was designed to allow you to dream bigger than ever before, to know what you have, and to take it to the next level.

Through deep, inner work, Your CLEAR CALLING is here to show you that YOU can change your life.

I’m here to show you that you already have the answers, how to access them, and how to put them into play with bravery.
One more thing...
I didn't do it by myself. No way. I needed help.  
STOP trying to do it on your own. 
Support made all the difference for me. You need guidance and accountability to get there faster and easier. And because sometimes, change shows itself before you’re ready. You want tools not just to create your own change, but to navigate any kind that shows up at your front door.
Which is exactly why I created...
The Next Live Course Starts
May 2022
The Clear Calling Method

It's the foundation for every class and principle you experience under this comprehensive program.

  • Trust
  • Understand the basis of your intuition, and create a daily practice to tune into your intuition to guide your day vs. unconscious decisions that leave you at the beck and call of everyone else’s demands. 
  • Release
  • Identify how past failures cause emotional reactions and instead learn to pause and create new, healthy responses.
    • Clarity
    • Get clear on what you want and also create clear energetic boundaries so you are confident you’re moving forward on a path that is true to you, not based on what other people expect you to do.
    • Create
    • Tap into your own inner well of creativity to map out a clear path so you know both the big picture vision and also the next step to achieve Your Clear Calling.
    • ​Act
    • Learn to act on your next right step and build momentum so you can move into your next chapter with bravery.
    Program Modules

    Module 1
    Master Your Intuition and Become Emotionally Resilient

    • Learn how your intuition is directly connected to your own body so you can tune into it at any time for making decisions, from what you order for lunch to speaking up in a big work meeting. 
    • Understand how to stay clear and grounded so you can stay focused on what you care about most, rather than getting distracted by what other people want from you or what they say. 
    • Develop a deeper relationship and understanding of your intuition so you become more emotionally resilient when the unexpected arises, like an abrupt end to a relationship, a sick family member or a random microaggression.

    Module 2
    Clear Past Failures Stopping You From Moving Forward

    • End the what-ifs of the past stopping your from identifying your calling so you can tune into why you are here.
    • ​Stop taking steps backward into old patterns so you can follow your intuition and feel confident about you are making the right decision for you.
    • ​Leave other people's expectations behind for good so you can stop people-pleasing and feel secure in your choices no matter how unconventional they might be.

    Module 3
    Master Staying Steady in the Face of Criticism and Uncertainty

    • Learn to stay grounded so you can still move forward with bravery toward your calling when faced with uncertainty and adversity. 
    • Become your own biggest fan instead of relying on other people for validation so you can stay on track. 
    • ​Understand the power of the universe and how to draw upon it so you can trust that the money and security will be there for your next steps. ​
    • ​Leave other people's expectations or comments behind for good so you can stop people-pleasing and feel secure in your choices no matter how unconventional they might be.

    Module 4
    Set and Sustain Clear Boundaries

    • Create clear boundaries so you have time to take care of yourself instead of feeling pressure to do what other people expect, including your family, your spouse, your friends. 
    • Learn the Boundary Shield protocol to keep people at the right distance for you so can prioritize yourself without guilt. 
    • Master keeping your boundaries so you can maintain them even when other people try to trample them. 

    Module 5
    Cultivate Your Distinct Voice and Use It Every Day

    • Get clear on what you want so you can feel confident when making decisions you are speaking from YOUR voice rather than someone else's (aka your mom, your sister, your favorite teacher.) 
    • Identify your unique voice and contributions so you can stop living life according to other people’s rules. 
    • Hone your distinctive voice so you can trust yourself to use it at work, on social media, and with your loved ones and stand behind what you said, no matter what other people say.

    Module 6
    Identify Your Clear Calling

    •  Uncover your Clear Calling so you can live in alignment with your calling and know why you are here and what you're here to do. 
    • Move from aimless and unsure about your career to clear and focused about how you spend your energy and where you spend your time so you have a healthy work/life balance. 
    • ​​Learn what you don't want so you can skip the things that distract you from your calling and purpose.
    • ​Set an expansive vision and clear goals so you have a roadmap to follow for what is next and know which steps are the right ones to take.

    Module 7
    Release Worry and Anxiety

    • Experience muscle testing and witness how your brain is already wired to know who you are and why you are here. 
    • Actively forgive people in your life so you can let go of anxiety about old, stuck relationships. 
    • Learn how to energetically re-set your brain so you can feel calm and steady every day and enjoy the life and season you are in right now.

    Module 8
    Live in Alignment with Your Clear Calling

    • Know what it feels like in your body sensations when you are in alignment with your vision so you can be confident taking steps toward your purpose even when unexpected challenges come up, from homeschooling kids remotely to not getting the promotion you hoped for.
    • Learn how to ignite your creativity at any time so instead of getting stalled out you feel fulfilled and excited about your next steps.
    • Bring in an appreciation practice so you don’t get derailed while on the road to pursuing your purpose and you can learn how to get back on track with loving yourself.

    Module 9
    Embody Emotional Resilience, Part I - Move Through Frustration and Disappointment with Grace

    • Learn to bounce back when you face unexpected setbacks like the end of a relationship or a family member getting sick so you don't quit and give up on your dream.
    • ​Master moving through the maze of unanticipated obstacles (Pandemics, anyone?) that can show up when pursuing your next chapter and fulfilling your calling so you can handle any challenges that come your way.
    • Learn how to stop frustration and disappointment in their tracks so you can stay excited and focused on the big picture instead of getting consumed in non-essential details.

    Module 10
    Embody Emotional Resilience, Part II - Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

    • Learn to use clear requests to get what you need in the timeframe that works for you, instead of getting frustrated waiting for other people to figure out what you want and feeling unseen and unheard.
    • Master speaking to other people in your life with confidence, so you can stay true to yourself in any situation, from talking to your spouse about finances to answering questions from the senior VP at work.
    • Learn to read the heart of a conversation so you can effectively lead a meeting or conversation with anyone, from your kids to the CEO at work, so you can move personal and work projects forward and feel confident you communicated what was important to you.

    Your CLEAR CALLING includes

    Kickstart Your Self-Care Call
    Dive into the work with a Kickstart Your Self-Care call to prepare yourself for the start of Your Clear Calling! Register by April 26 to join LIVE.
    Value — $1,000

    10 LIVE Classes
    Receive live coaching from Nicole and get all your burning questions answered.
    Value — $5,000

    Energy Immersion + Detox
    Complete your game-changing program with two+half days of energy immersion to release energetic blocks stopping you from moving forward so you can start your next chapter with bravery.
    Value — $3,000

    Recordings of all classes
    Rewatch classes at any time so you can elevate your ability to put the work into action.
    Value — $897

    These workbooks are designed to keep you focused and on track with your growth during Your Clear Calling and to get the most out of the live classes.
    Value — $197


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    5 installments of  
    + 3% monthly processing fee

    Jeannie Duffy

    When Jeannie Duffy joined Your Clear Calling, she was struggling with procrastination.
    After 3 months in the course, she is clear on her next steps — and in action!
    Hear from Jeannie below.

    Gemima Barlow

     Gemima Barlow was struggling with  confidence and anger management at the start and felt uncertain about next steps for her career. Within 1 week of working with Nicole, she saw an immediate impact — her husband noticed she was calmer!
    Hear from Gemima below.

    Holly Jones
    The biggest eye opener for me was just how simple it could all be. Nicole eliminates the need for unproductive armchair philosophizing about the self and gives you tools that you can count on the second you learn them. Seriously every meeting left me feeling better than before and the feeling lasts, too.

    I began to feel more and more centered, she has helped me uncover my true self so that I can walk into situations I would've run from just months before, with ease

    Nicole makes it so easy, so tangible. If you're ready to do the work, step into the unknown while being kind to yourself, that's all you need to know. Nicole makes interpersonal growth shockingly accessible and quick!
    Keisha Green
    I was struggling with clarity and having a vision and goals, and not knowing how to set them. It took two weeks to see a difference.

    Before working with Nicole, I would get into confrontations or arguments. If it’s someone I can’t help, I just walk away. Before I would try to reason with them or convince them. I stopped having a superhero mentality, and learned to take care of myself.

    If I don’t take care of myself, I’m no good to others. Boundaries manifest in all part of your life. I have boundaries now for guys online. I’m not going to let you be disrespectful or argue with you. In every aspect of life, coworkers or work for somebody or work for self, you have to have personal boundaries.

    After our time together, I got clarity and greater boundaries. I’m always going to have someone I don’t work well with and our personalities don’t mesh, and that’s OK.
    Amy Andrews
    I was feeling very unclear in what direction I wanted to go with my yoga career when I signed up.

    I honestly started seeing changes within the first week. I set the catalyst ultimately for leaving and finding freedom in doing my own yoga work. I’m actually making way more teaching online than I would have if I had stayed with a studio.  I had NO idea how stuck I was. It was so freeing and eye opening.

    Working with Nicole is worth the investment! Nicole is amazing and humble and so centered and grounded and has your back in a really loving yet “I’m going to hold your feet to the fire” kind of way. The way she listens to her own intuition is such an amazing example for how I want to listen and live my life. Nicole meets you where you are at and encourages you from that space. She is no bullshit, too, which I love. Working with her is drama free, fun and empowering.

    Make huge strides in trusting yourself with these bonuses designed to help you step into your next chapter with bravery right away.

    Join an incredible cohort of smart, ambitious women of color who are clear on why they are here and are in action on moving into deeper purpose in their life. Our online community is connected, engaged and so supportive of each other. You will learn from each other and also hold each other to the next level of your life that you know you are here to achieve. Create authentic relationships with other high-achieving women who know what it’s like to move your life to the next level and feel fulfilled in their lives.
    BRAVE Habits

    Your brave choices make the world a braver place.
    Discover the habits that create the foundation to connect to yourself and secure your sense of self. Immerse yourself in daily habits of connection and self-love so you can have better relationships with yourself and coworkers
    BRAVE Series

    Tune in to hear the top secrets of women who figured out how to embody confidence and how it helped them to make a global impact with HOW they show up in the world. Inside, you’ll learn why claiming your own value and worthiness is the key to pursuing your purpose.
    Design Your 2022 Roadmap

    In this workshop, you discover how to get CLEAR on your DREAMS and put them into action so you can LIVE them out every day. You’ll learn how to eliminate harsh self-talk, how to prioritize your needs, and the SECRET to getting momentum.
    Yoga Flows to Energize Your Body and Calm Your Mind
    - 2 custom yoga flows

    Turn to these custom-designed yoga flows from Nicole to release stress or anxiety so you can not only sleep, but feel rested the next morning. Emerge from these practices with a clear mind and confidence for your day to have a healthy work/life balance.

    Live a Mindful Life Meditations

    - 5 meditations to be more mindful in all your interactions.

    Establish a meditation practice so you can create mindfulness through your entire day and feel calmer and more present in work meetings and with your family. Learn to build the meditation practice day by day and bring mindfulness and intention to your entire day.

     Bonus Value — $1,297
    Course Value — $10,094

    TOTAL VALUE — $11,391

    One Payment of
    5 installments of
    + 3% monthly processing fee
    Katie Garrow
    I have always wanted to be partnered and married, but I have stood in my own way for a long time. Fear, a lack of self worth, ignorance and professional ambition all kept me from love.

    My biggest eye-opener was the power that we each possess. There were so many examples shared through Nicole’s life about how she identified her dreams and achieved them and how she lives a happy life. A lot of the time, I don’t feel that powerful. I feel like I’m along for the ride when it comes to emotions and relationships.

    During the course, I identified the things I want in life and I believe that they are possible with a conviction that I didn’t have before. I want a loving marriage. I want a house on the water. I want a family. I want to trust myself more deeply to know when I have these things.

    Nicole’s a special person. Being in her presence is the real gift. Her own life is the most powerful affirmation that what she teaches works to help people achieve a greater sense of happiness and control over their lives.
    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
    One Payment of
    5 installments of
    + 3% monthly processing fee
    About Nicole
    Nicole is a former reporter, and yoga teacher who has taught at the White House, turned author and coach. After years of depression and lack of fulfillment, she left her prestigious career to find herself and what would make her happy.

    The journey took her to coaching, energy healing — and profound joy. She now spends her days helping high-achieving women of color find their calling.

    Her specialty is guiding you to stop questioning yourself and tune into your intuition so you can be clear about what you want and step into the next chapter. With bravery.

    If you’re wondering if there is more out there for you, the answer is a resounding yes.

    She created Your CLEAR CALLING to help you see what is possible when you choose to go for it.

    Bonus: You don’t have to do it alone.

    When does the program start and end?

    The program starts on May 18, 2022 and ends the weekend of July 29-31, 2022 with the Energy Detox.

    When are weekly classes?

    The weekly live classes are on Wednesdays at  8-9:30 am PT. Classes are every week from May 18 - July 27, with a bye week on June 15 with no class.

    What is the Energy Immersion + Detox and when does it take place?

    The Energy Immersion + Detox integrates the work of the previous 90 days, deepening your understanding of your intuition and clearing blocks preventing you from moving forward to your next chapter. You will receive energy integrations from Nicole, and experience major shifts for yourself into peace and forward action.

    Energy Immersion + Detox Dates/Times
    Friday, July 29 — 4-7 p.m. PST / 7-10 p.m. EST
    Saturday, July 30 — 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST / noon - 8 p.m. EST
    Sunday, July 31 — 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST/ noon - 8 p.m. EST

    What is the Kickstart Your Self-Care call and when is it?

    The Kickstart Your Self-Care call is designed to help you feel more at ease and steady through the holidays. These live calls will include essential work that you can practice every day until classes start in January. Register by April 26 to participate in these calls LIVE.

    If you join after the call date, Kickstart Your Self-Care call will be recorded and available for replay.

    KICKSTART Your Self-Care CALL
    Thursday, April 28 — 8 a.m. PST / 11 a.m. EST 

    What if I can't make it to a class?

    All classes are recorded and are available for you on the member site to watch as many times as you want. Re-watching calls will help you master the information and understand the coaching you experience during the live classes. We do recommend creating the time to participate live in the Energy Detox to get the most out of that experience.

    Will I be able to ask questions?

    Of course! The live coaching calls are an incredible opportunity to receive coaching on the spot. You also will have a private Facebook community to ask questions, and Nicole is in the Facebook group daily to answer any questions that may come up.

    I've never done an online course before — is YCC right for me?

    If you know deep down that you are in the right place, then you are. You will learn tools that will support you to release pressure you feel from other people, and to show up in your life in a brand-new way you've never experienced before. You will find unparalleled support in the course to help you take the leap to be in action on your calling.

    You also will find a community that supports you to the next level, and who understand what it's like to feel lost and disconnected from your purpose, and who will make damn sure to let you know they see you and support you.

    And this course is based on The Clear Calling Method, which is a proven framework that continues to smash expectations with the results, from people leaving corporate jobs to start new businesses and people who have bought dream homes!

    I've never done energy work — will I understand what it is?

    You better believe it. The Clear Calling Method is designed to set you up perfectly to integrate the energy work into how you live your life every day.

    00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
    One Payment of
    5 installments of
    + 3% monthly processing fee
    It only took six months for me to earn back the investment in the program by putting the tools Nicole gave me into practice. Since I didn't have any expectations around that, itt feels like an awesome, unexpected win — I definitely had a mini-dance party!

    I’ve been setting goals at work for years, but never brought them into my personal life until I met Nicole. I learned that setting goals can be enlightening, empowering, and fun! 
    From finding a job with the flexibility to incorporate teaching yoga to following through on my commitment to honest, open communication in my interpersonal relationships. It feels amazing.

    I have a roadmap to continue moving toward the life I ultimately want to live.

    Jessalyn Pinneo
    In 2018, my two priorities I set a for myself (under Nicole) were to have a full time job with benefits by June and that I would have an incredible wedding that my husband and I wanted. I went full time with benefits on July 30, 2018 and our wedding on September 16, was perfect. Neither of these things happened because I wanted them to or because I wished for them. They happened because I got super clear on what I wanted.

    The process that Nicole guides you through in her course is one that is grounded in some major reality. For a Type A planner like myself, it's taught me so much about trusting the process, the importance of setting boundaries, and that if you aren't listening to yourself, you will never be able to get out of your own way.   

    Norah Davis
    "Nicole is a powerful teacher and a fierce leader. She has an extraordinary way of making the hard work laughter-filled and fun. She empowers me to dream big — to see my gifts, acknowledge my fears, know my goals and to never settle for anything less than the best version of myself.”

    Kara Mortellite
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