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$397 FREE 3-part series

your relationship with
work boundaries....

without feeling guilty or selfish

May 11 - 16 - 18 
@ 11 am PT

Master the CRITICAL ingredients required
for every overworked perfectionist
to STOP feeling overwhelmed by boundaries.

(without quitting your job or leaving behind
everything you've worked so hard for.)

In this LIVE class, you'll —

Day 1

May 11

Uncover the top 3 mistakes powerful women make with work boundaries and the secret techniques to avoid them completely

Day 2

May 16

Discover the No. 1 reason successful, high-achieving women don't set and sustain powerful boundaries

Day 3

May 18

Learn the 4 essential pieces required to finally set clear boundaries so you can work less and do the things you love (without sacrificing health, relationships or happiness).

You'll also find out the No. 1 reason high-achieving women burn out and how to find balance — without having to say NO constantly.

STARTS May 11th at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

$397 value
Yours for FREE

Imagine being present, powerful, and CLEAR every day

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