Are you ready to get moving?

24 Ways to Move More

The Seattle Times' Fit for Life columnist Nicole Tsong helps you come up with new ways to move your body, and make movement fun and inspiring again.

Drawing on Nicole's own experience trying hundreds of activities, take on two new movements to try every month for 1 year and move your body more.

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About Nicole Tsong
Nicole Tsong is a fitness expert and yoga teacher based in Seattle, who for six years wrote the popular Fit for Life column in The Seattle Times, published in Pacific NW Magazine. Nicole is the author of Yoga for Hikers and Yoga for Climbers with Mountaineers Books, and has taught yoga for more than a decade, including for three years at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Nicole lives in Seattle, where she runs a work/life balance coaching business, helping high-achieving women of color find their calling and know why they are here. In her spare time, you'll find her in the mountains with her pup Coco, or lovingly rearranging her houseplants.

It's Time To Move!

Are you in an exercise rut, tired of doing the same old workouts? Or perhaps you have resolved to be more active but have trouble sticking with it? Maybe what you need is a new mindset—and some fresh ways to move your body!

Yoga instructor and fitness expert Nicole Tsong is here to lead you through a year’s worth of new activities—24 fun, accessible ways to move more that will benefit your body and your soul. With two motivating choices each month and the ability to self-pace, 24 Ways to Move More makes it easy to infuse new energy into your life!

Explore activities such as:
* Ultimate Tai Chi 
* Trail Running
* Snowshoeing
* Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Throughout the book, space for journaling helps you reflect on how you feel, both mentally and physically, after you've tried a new activity. 

After 12 months, you’ll feel more inspired, and healthier, too!
24 Ways to Move More


3 Ways Movement Helps You Discover Your Calling

For high-achieving women ready to know your purpose and live it every day (and leave behind rules made up by other people.)


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